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RESCCUE Barcelona Expert
Study goal
RESCCUE based expert study for Barcelona
Study type

Advanced Screening: Urban Infrastructure

This study type provides a screening service to estimate the impact of heat and flooding on the fly. Work is currently underway to incorporate the effects of implementing the adaptation options.

The “advanced screening service for urban infrastructure” merges information about climate change derived from climate models (temperature or precipitation changes) with other openly available data (land use, topography, population) to obtain information about the hazard at the urban scale and to derive impact estimates. For this purpose, a variety of land use data sets (Urban Atlas, European Settlement Map, Street Tree layer) were combined and processed to refine the land use information. The European digital elevation model, the European streams and the European basins data sets were further processed to enable the delineation of a proxy for pluvial flooding.

Note: Estimations of the hazard at local scale and of the impact are based on models which have been simplified so that on the fly calculations for any location within Europe can be provided. Accordingly, these results represent a first approximation and should be used as guidance for the situation.  If more precise calculations or more detailed studies (e.g. microclimate studies, wind field analyses) are desired, then it is highly recommended to perform an EXPERT STUDY*1. The marketplace*2 can be used to help find relevant partners or service providers for such an expert study. 

The advanced screening service is available for cities contained in:

  • Urban Atlas 2012 from Copernicus*3
  • European Settlement Map from Copernicus*3
  • Street Tree Layer from Copernicus*3
  • Digital elevation model (EU-DEM v1.1) from Copernicus*3
  • Streams from USGS HydroSHEDS*4
  • Basins from Copernicus*3
  • Population data from Eurostat*6

A basic screening can be performed for cities which do not have all of the above listed data sets.

*1 Study carried out by an expert using more complex approaches and additional (e.g. higher resolution) input data





EMIKAT screening calculations

EMIKAT, a software tool from the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), is used to perform the following calculations on the fly:

  • Estimation of hazard indices at finer scale
  • Extracting information about the population distribution from Eurostat
  • Heat impact on population
  • Proxy for pluvial flooding (in progress)
  • Impact of adaptation options (in progress)

    Study steps:

    • Hazards
    • Hazard - Local Effects
    • Exposure
    • Vulnerability
    • Risk/Impact
    • Adaptation Options Identification
    • AO Appraisal
    • AO Implementation (test)